Maxwell O. Berry

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Growing up as an identical twin competition has always been an important aspect of my life. My brother and I would always compete about everything. Whether it be attention, friends, or in athletics, we were always fighting. I am certain that this constant competition has shaped me into the person I am today. Competition is something that brings us closer together as people, pushes us to do more, and has the ability to dismantle everything it put together.


Starting from a young age my brother and I would compete for attention. Whether it was attention from our parents, our friends, or people we’d met in our everyday lives. Each of us acted on our desire to be the more accomplished sibling. This form of competition is what brought us together. Since we were always wrestling for attention we were always forced together. Obviously, I knew my brother, We’ve been together since we were born. However, it was through this competition for attention that really introduced me to my brother. It’s how I figured out how my brother operated. thought, and argued, and he figured this out about me. This brought us super close together. My brother knows everything about my life, and I know everything about his. And of course I know my brother and I judge each other about everything. However, when it comes to super serious information my brother is always the first person I go to for advice since I know that his responses will be honest. The competition for attention showed me that my brother is a -sometimes brutally- honest person when it comes to advice.


My relationship with my brother, as previously mentioned, is the most competitive thing I’ve ever been a part of. No matter what it comes down to each of us has an inner drive just do better than the other one. We don’t have to be the best at something, we don’t even have to be good, we just have to be better than our biological counterpart. The part in my childhood that embodies this the best is the first time Alex and I were placed on different AA Little League teams. The first game of the entire season was Alex’s and mine’s teams facing off, and we completely thrashed them. I’m talking complete embarrassment. As it was a Little League game, the score wasn’t allowed to run up too high. However, things got so bad we put the worst kid on the team in as pitcher and even I got playing time (I am NOT a baseball player). This completely devastated Alex. He didn’t talk to me for hours and personally, that was one of my favorite sports games ever. In the school setting competition with my brother is the driving force that pushes to try my best in school. However, this competition has caused trauma and acrimony between my brother and me.


Competition is like a magnet. One side is positive and brings people together with a bond so strong you couldn’t even imagine breaking it. Yet, the other side pushes things apart so much to the point where it’s impossible to imagine those things ever coming together again. If you ask anyone about my brother and mine’s relationship they would undoubtedly tell you that it is not a good relationship and many of them would even tell you that sometimes my brother and mine’s personal differences ruin a setting for them. There were certainly times where I need to shut my brother out of my life and just act like he’s never there. Though of course all of these arguments are petty fights that are resolved with time.


I hope I have been able to effectively use my life as an example to show the power competition has in defining the people we become. This essay was a rather personal piece to write but it was necessary in order to show the origin of my belief. It’s hard to imagine my life without this belief, I assume I would just believe that my brother was a natural narcissistic person but in reality, I know that he is just trying to make sure he can develop his own individuality just as I am.



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