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Kylie Jenner, Self-Made Billionaire

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Throughout the world today when we hear of a self made man or woman we think of them starting with nothing, pulling themselves up from their bootstraps, but do you also think of individuals such as Kylie Jenner?

According to Forbes, Kylie Jenner is exactly that; a self made billionaire. Jenner runs one of the trendiest makeup collections in the world. Her brand Kylie Cosmetics has sold more that $630 million dollars worth of makeup. Forbes values her company at nearly 800 million dollars, which she own all of. Furthermore, if you add the millions from her previous ventures such as TV programs like KUWTK, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and endorsing Puma and other clothing lines that’s another $60 million, and all together making her worth around $900 million.

Jenner’s net worth puts her as the fourth richest, “self-made” American Woman, and with another year of growth it will make her the youngest billionaire ever, male or female.


Nevertheless, a questions come to mind, what constitutes being self-made, and does Kylie Jenner fit that description? Ultimately you have to look toward the work Kylie puts into her brand, and what she actually does. According to Jenner herself all she does to market her product is leverage her followers on all her social media outlets. Throughout the day, almost hourly, she goes on snapchat and speaks on her products and shows herself wearing them and simultaneously takes to instagram and writes captions promoting the Kylie Cosmetic products she’s wearing. This would sound ridiculous, but Jenner has hundreds of million followers on snapchat and on instagram and most of them are girls and young woman, her target audience.

From the beginning, spring of 2015, Jenner admitted to having temporary lip-fillers and took her tabloid fame to market her new makeup line. Jenner used some of her $250,000 earnings from modeling and other gigs to pay for the first 15,000 lip kits, which were sold out in seconds launching her career. Though I can say confidently that Jenner had a great idea for a new makeup brand and has a great mind for marketing, I cannot say she’s self made. Kylie Jenner grew up in a stupidly wealthy & famous family. As Emerald Pellot from Cosmopolitan wrote, “It’s naïve, and lazy, to think a white woman born into fame and the upper classes — a woman with a famous last name, brand cache, a seemingly infinite amount of investment capital to play with, safety nets, and access to a tapestry of resources — is a model for the “self-made” success story that, to many, represents the American Dream.”

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Kylie Jenner, Self-Made Billionaire