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The American Dream is Dead

Ava Ganz

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The American Dream is Dead

48% of millennials believe that the American Dream is dead, but millennials are the ones who killed it. (

One of the greatest things that our beautiful country was founded on is the “American Dream.” When our founding fathers came here to America to gain independence from aristocratic England, they strove for a less formal, more individualized, and higher quality of life in America. In Great Britain, the family you were born into determined your stature and success. Instead, as Americans, we determined that anyone can succeed due to hard work and persistence, not just because of who your dad is. Productive and diligent workers are the ones who rise to the top of society, and rightfully so. The American Dream is about having to earn what you gain. There are no free handouts. You start from the bottom and make it to the top all by yourself. Imagine what strong and intelligent individuals a country with these ideals would produce. Most of us can hopefully still find aspects of the American Dream in our own lives. Maybe you earn your allowance by washing the dishes, walking the dog, and taking out the trash. Instead of your parents handing out money to you with no catch, you learn the true value of money, become more grateful, and practice a good work ethic early on in life. It has even been scientifically proven that hard work makes people happier (

Thanks to millennials, this dream is dying. The millennial generation has developed an essentially opposite culture to the one laid out by those who developed the American Dream. The majority of millennials don’t want to work hard and expect almost everything handed to them for free. A Gallup poll found that 69% of millennials say they’d be willing to vote for a socialist president. 69% of millennials want government-guaranteed health insurance. 54% want the government to provide free education. 52% of millennials favor bigger government ( Millennials put forth this idea that everyone owes them something. The truth is that no one is entitled to anything. Millennials also don’t want to be independent. Conversely, it seems that they prefer being completely dependent on the government.

In order to save the American Dream, Republicans and Conservatives must elect leaders capable of educating and inspiring these younger voters to return to the original values of our country. There is hope for the American Dream’s revival, which will save us from this entitled Socialist generation’s toxic culture.

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Millennials: 48% think American Dream is dead

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The American Dream is Dead