Why Spotify is Better than Pandora

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You might wonder: what’s the difference between these two apps? How is Spotify better? To start off,  more people all over the world have the ability to access the Spotify app, since Spotify is available in 23 countries. On the other hand, Pandora is only available in 3 countries (diffen.com). Although Pandora has 665 million active users, Spotify has 20 million active users.

It is very apparent that Spotify is better than Pandora due to Spotify’s features when comparing the two. Spotify listeners are able to choose any song, at any time, on demand. Meanwhile, Pandora is a radio service that doesn’t allow its users to listen to a specific type of music they desire, such as indie.

In addition, on Spotify, the Spotify service actually makes its own stations and updates them every few days. These playlists range from a variety of different genres to playlists that are based on your mood or something you may be doing, such as running or working out. In fact, Spotify’s running playlist is actually very complex and cool because for some of their running playlists, the app actually tracks your running speed and plays music based off of your speed!

Spotify users can also make their own playlists that are public to all spotify users. On the contrary, for Pandora listeners the only playlists that are available on the app are playlists from other Pandora users. Also, Pandora only has about 1 million+ songs, whereas Spotify has about 30 million songs!(mashable.com) Overall, Spotify speaks for itself on the subject of being a better service than the Pandora service.


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