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The Return of the Starbucks Holiday Cups

The Return of the Starbucks Holiday Cups

Sophia S., Lion's Den Editor

November 27, 2016

Filed under Culture, Food and Drink

The holiday season is finally here! Starbucks, the very popular coffee shop, has finally came out with their new holiday cups. “For many, when Starbucks red cups return, it’s a signal that the holiday season is drawing near”, says Starbucks Newsroom. Starbucks first released new green cups as a...

Aaron Sigal’s Secret Reveled

Aaron Sigal’s Secret Reveled

Matana Z. & Emily R.

March 10, 2016

Filed under Satire: Happy Purim!

The following information might shock you. Hold onto your seat. You see him around campus carrying a rather large bag full of pastries from Coffee Bean. However, those chocolate croissants and whatnot are NOT from the Coffee Bean. In fact, they are from Starbucks! Aaron just steals bags from his employer...

Let’s Go To Starbucks: A Poem by Adam C.

Let’s Go To Starbucks: A Poem by Adam C.

Adam C.

October 9, 2015

Filed under Culture

Stomp, the sound of my short abree brown Ugg boots. Ding, the bell of the door when I entered Starbucks. Click, the sound of the business man’s keyboard who was only there for the free internet. Uhhh, the sound of Starbucks novices. After I heard that, I knew I should’ve gone to one of the 423 ...

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