The Lions' Pride

Howdy! You just clicked on my profile. Yowza. Yahooey. Welcome to my humble abode. Mi casa, su casa. I assume you clicked on my name in order to learn more about me, so I guess I have no choice but to teach you the basics.
My name is Elianna S. I'm a Jew, Weeaboo, and an avid tumblr user. My favorite food is lasagna and I am allergic to most fish and shellfish. I have a weird talent: I am capable of identifying specific Jelly Beans based on color, taste and smell. Many people find me... odd. I have a passion for Tim Burton movies. I tend to overdo it on puns and satirical jokes. Not many people know that I have developed my own fashion sense: I call it: Lazy.
I believe myself to be a very driven person, but only when it come to binge-watching television.

I think that everyone is equal and deserves to be treated as so.

I hate ignorance. HATE it.

I love openminded people.

Elianna S., Staff Writer

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