Brazil’s President Elect

Maxwell O. Berry

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This October, Brazil held general elections for the presidency of the country. Jair Bolsonaro, who previously represented Rio De Janeiro in Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies, won the election and is now the official president-elect of Brazil.


Jair Bolsonaro was born on the 21st of March, 1955, in São Paulo, Brazil. Bolsonaro attended a military prep academy so naturally, after his early education Bolsonaro joined the Brazilian army and served as a paratrooper and even rose to the rank of captain. Bolsonaro began his political career immediately after the conclusion of his service. Initially, he served on the city level but shortly after he earned a position in the Chamber of Deputies.


This October, Bolsonaro was confirmed as president-elect of Brazil. Almost unsurprisingly he has already been full of controversy. Bolsonaro appeared almost ungrateful in handling policy with Cuban doctors operating in Cuba, threatening the Cuban government to pull thousands of doctors out of the remote parts of the country. While talking with a female congresswomen Bolsonaro said: I’m not going to rape you, because you’re very ugly.”


The truth of the matter remains. Brazil’s president-elect is a far right-wing politician. Whether this will benefit or harm the people of Brazil will be found out in the coming years.


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