One Size Does Not Fit All

Sophia Brener

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Women and men have been modeled and viewed to look a specific way to please one another to ensure that they are, “physically attractive.” Not only can this be extremely un-motivating and hurtful to a huge variety of people, but it influences the fashion industry to produce more clothing that fits the “perfect” body type. Some stores do this by only selling a very meager range of clothing sizes, but others take it to the extreme by not putting a size label on it. Instead, it is replaced with the false advertisement of “One Size Fits All.”

In the 21 century, women’s fashion has developed a fitting problem. The issue is not as big for men’s clothing since their jeans and shirts barely have an honest measurement. The reason women have a harder time is that we are scrutinized for what we decide to wear. No matter what we have to dress for, we are still shamed for an outfit that is seen as too showy, pricy, lazy, etc. This can become infuriating, to a point when no one can find any clothes that fit or look good. A shirt that is listed to fit all sizes will not look the same on all body types and will fit differently

In conclusion, we can’t just keep blaming clothing companies for doing this since we promote, and bring attention to the idea of a “perfect body.” We buy magazines, stalk Instagram models, buy beauty products to help look more appealing, order weight loss protein drinks, and much more. A study has shown that shoppers have preferred to buy clothing that is labeled w smaller sizes because it boosts and helps self confidence. Over time the weight of average American women has risen by 28 Lbs in the past 58 years, and because of this, brands have decided to adjust their measuring system to help more women squeeze into a desirable size. This though does not mean that every woman are the same size, or an article of clothing will fit every body type.


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