Is Nightmare Before Christmas a Christmas Movie or a Halloween Movie?

Sophia Brener

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One of Henry Selick most popular animation films is “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Not only is this one of his most beloved films, but it is also a classic for kids and adults to enjoy during the holiday season. Although Some argue this movie is a Christmas movie and others say it is simply a Halloween movie. There are a lot of ideas that defend each side of this statement. Some are regarding the fact that the movie title has the word “Christmas” in it rather than Halloween. No one should ever judge a movie by its title without seeing it, and this automatically leads people to believe that this movie is all about Christmas.

During the Telluride Horror Show, one of Colorado’s oldest horror film festivals, Henry Selick was brought to a Q&A regarding “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” During the interview, a young girl asked one of the movie industries most controversial questions if this movie was a Christmas themed or a Halloween themed movie. Selick responded with, “it’s a Halloween movie” leaving the crowd in awe. Not only did he acknowledge the fact that a lot of people said they liked Christmas town more than Halloween town, but he decided to tell the truth about what theme the movie is.

The movie is about Halloween, the characters in Halloween town, and how they react to the holiday of Christmas for the first time. This answer calmed the debate for a while until the Christmas people began to notice the fact of how the movie leads up to Christmas and eventually shows the holiday in action, rather than just showing a small clip of Halloween in the beginning. In conclusion, this is Halloween movie and is made for people who believe that Halloween isn’t just one day out of the year.


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