Be Mindful

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Mindful. Many associate the word for how one might act towards others, For example “Be mindful as to how they could be feeling.” “Be mindful, his cat just died.” When in reality, the act of being mindful is only benefiting yourself. Being mindful just means being more aware. Aware of what you’re holding (literally). Aware of what you’re saying, doing, and following. It will essentially make you feel more put together and essentially complete. A good way to start is when, for example, you’re starting a new activity. As explained in Healthy mind healthy Life, it’s best to start with silence, “2 minutes of silence and attention on the breath, or taking a few mindful breaths before.” In the middle of an ongoing situation or process (bringing attention to the breath, or to the sensations arising.  between the things on the schedule (gently bringing attention to the breath or the sounds or the sensations or the sights or even the thoughts while at a red light, in a line at the bus stop or grocery, or waiting for someone else to arrive).

In these situations, use the sensation of the breath as the “anchor” for awareness in the present moment. Establish mindfulness on the narrow focus of just the breath sensation. Allow yourself to feel the breath as it goes in, and goes out and the pause between in and out. Do not try to control the breath. Simply let it come and go. Bring as much attention, as completely and continuously as you can to the direct sensation of the breath.”Overall it should be simple. The simple act of breathing that one does consistently throughout the day, just this time enhance that breathing. Only focus on that breathings, and with time serenity and mindfulness with flow through.


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