California General Elections

Maxwell B, Opinion Writer

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It’s almost November which means campaigning and advertising for proposed legislation have begun.


In regards to the Senate, incumbent Dianne Feinstein is being challenged by Kevin De Leon, both Democrats. De Leon has built up a lot of support from various groups such as the “California Democratic Party,” and the “California Labor Federation.” However, Feinstein has almost 15 times the amount of funding as De Leon. De Leon argues that he would be a better senator than Feinstein largely based on their upbringing. De Leon was born to an under-class family in San Diego in contrast to Feinstein’s upper-class life in San Francisco. According to the “San Francisco Chronicle” De Leon would be a more liberal senator than Feinstein. De Leon has also openly stated that he would support impeachment efforts against President Trump.

There are 11 props. – Originally there were 12 but prop 9 was one of those “Tri-California” propositions, which was removed from the ballot by order of the Supreme Court of California. The point of this article is not to attempt and persuade you readers who to vote for, but rather to urge you to vote! So many times you see people protest and riot about policies… yet most of those people didn’t even out to the polls on election day and stop those policies from being passed.


How about this year instead of protesting and rioting, we get out of our houses and vote! I don’t care who you vote for, as long as you vote. A lot of the problems we have in this world have a simple fix; vote! I know I am saying this a lot but that’s since it’s so easy just to go to the polls and check off boxes on a ballot slip and let your voice be heard, and the policies you support to be implemented.


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