Who is Brett Kavanaugh

Ellie G

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An established rule placed in the Constitution Article II, Section 2, Clause 2, states that the President of the United States is permitted to appoint public officials, including Supreme Court Justices. With the new term beginning in the Supreme court, along with a vacant seat due to Justice Anthony Kennedy retiring, all eyes were on Trump to decide who would fill the empty seat for life on the Supreme Court. Furthermore,Trump came to the conclusion that Judge Brett Kavanaugh was the solution. Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a 53-year-old conservative male that graduated from Yale law school. To describe Brett, one of his previous partners wrote in the Wall Street Journal that Brett is, “a committed textualist and originalist, one whose time on the bench has revealed a unique ability to apply these principles to legal facts,” Vance, a man who previously worked with Kavanaugh, wrote. “He deeply believes in the constitutional separation of powers as a means for ensuring governmental accountability and protecting individual liberty. From the start of his career, he’s applied the Constitution faithfully, even when that made him a lonely voice. He has done so with particular tenacity on the issue that matters most to the president: taking power away from unelected bureaucrats and returning it to elected officials.”  Leaving us with a good mark as to how Kavanaugh might behave.


      Although one might read this and expect a well qualified, respectful, essentially good supreme court figure, ultimately Kavanaugh has a hidden history of his own. As Kavanaugh was appointed in testimony a young lady named Christine Blasey Ford came out and claimed that Kavanaugh attacked her at a party during their teenage years and somebody with his impulsive behavior should not be appointed as a Supreme Court figure. As the story goes on, she describes him placing his hand over her mouth and ripping off her swimsuit, he was intoxicated and because she was wearing a one piece did not rape her- for we can only assume that those were his intentions. Ford took a lie detector test and did pass, but the question is who do we trust and if this is true is a teenage mistake enough for you to lose your position on the Supreme Court?

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