Fortnite, The Newest Addiction

Maxwell B, Opinion Writer

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Late 2017 Fortnite came out and took the world by storm. Fortnite was an instant hit and the gaming industry has never seen rapid growth like this.


To understand why Fortnite took off you need to first examine the context that allows a game to take off on the same scale. Fortnite came out when a relatively new genre of gaming was in; Battle Royale. Battle Royale pits lobbies of gamers (generally 100) against each other in a fight to the death until there is only one left standing. Gamers across the globe were already super interested in the genre thanks to the popularity of “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,” or simply “PUBG.” PUBG was the first battle royale game that topped charts and was gaining a huge fan base, however, the game cost $29.99. Why is this important? Fortnite is completely free-to-play which allowed the game to gain support from all gamers who wished to take part in the Battle Royale genre, who couldn’t, or didn’t want to pay for PUBG.


Another reason why Fortnite took off was due to some important figures who played the game. Hip-Hop leaders such as Drake and Travis Scott took part in the game, and athletes such as Juju Smith-Schuster and Zlatan Ibrahimovic also took part in Battle Royale. When people saw who was playing the game everyone else wanted to get involved. Fortnite became such a huge part of pop culture, that if you didn’t know what the game was you were completely out of the loop.


Fortnite gained popularity from a variety of reasons and it will linger for years to come. Unfortunately, Fortnite’s player-base is on the decline and it will never see the popularity it reached during its prime. However, it is unlikely we will ever see a game have the same effect on society and pop culture for many years.


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