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John Sidney McCain III was born on August 29th, 1936 in Coco Solo, Panama, an ex United States naval base on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal. McCain was born into a military family, and by the time college came around John McCain enrolled in the United States Naval Academy.


In 1967, McCain had his first combat experience, in the Vietnam War. The aircraft carrier McCain was stationed on, the USS Forrestal, was part of the infamous Operation Rolling Thunder which tortured North Vietnam. McCain flew over Vietnam in 1967 & his plane was shot down and consequently McCain was taken captive. McCain served as a prisoner of war in Vietnam for over 5 years, and his time there undoubtedly changed his outlook on life and that would ultimately affect McCain’s political actions and opinions for years to come.


McCain got his political start in 1976 when he was assigned to inform the Senate of the United States’ Navy’s interests. By 1982 McCain had secured a seat in the House of Representatives. Although many of McCain’s political decisions and priorities were questioned many Americans reserve respect for McCain. John McCain’s illustrious life came to an end on August 25th 2018, in Cornville, Arizona. Editors. “John McCain.”, A&E Television Networks, 2018,

Dreyfuss, Bob. “John McCain’s Vietnam.” The Nation, 27 Aug. 2018,

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