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Everybody is always looking for a good source of entertainment with a good story and stimulating production. Modern companies such as Netflix and Hulu have become increasingly popular for bingers and sparse watchers alike as more and more popular shows are being streamed and created. One such show, entitled Dark aired in December  2017 and is the Netflix original series to be created with German as its first language. Set in 2019, the residents of the town Winden, Germany are left puzzled as two children disappear and are police left with no leads.


We’re opened to an ongoing investigation of Erik Obendorf, a fifteen-year-old boy who has been missing for thirteen days. As the episode continues, we are provided with the fact that Erik was a common drug user and often provided and shared drugs with his peers. Jonas, a teen struggling with his father’s sudden suicide, and three of his friends, Magnus, Martha, and Bartosz, learn of Erik’s secret stash of drugs outside of the mysterious Winden Caves and decide to take them for personal use. When the time comes, Magnus and Martha reluctantly bring twelve-year-old brother Mikkel with them, only to discover that another student has already beaten them to it. As the teens argue over who should take the stash, there is a mysterious occurrence that results in all of the kids running desperately back for the road and safety, however along the way Mikkel disappears without a trace.


Dark puzzles us from the very beginning, quickly establishing itself as a show with unpredictable twists. As the plot reveals itself, the story only gets more and more complex, and in order to figure out the truth of what’s happening before it’s revealed, you have to pay very close attention to clues as soon as they’re given.


However, as much as the story is of an unnerving origin, Dark is also a commentary on society and how people influence it. We become embedded into the personal affairs of each and every character in the show, and the creators and actors do a superb job of relaying the desperation, despair, betrayal, and hope that comes with facing the unknown and the desire for truth and justice. Although it may be originally plagued with comments about its similarity to other Netflix originals, namely the popular Stranger Things, Dark is a show of its own entity and houses a truly puzzling and engaging plot that forces the audience to actively think about what is being shown to them in order to truly understand each of the mechanics and concepts being used to create such an enthralling mystery.

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