The slide is impressive the lunch program, not so much.

Ellie G

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As my twelfth year at TVT approaches, I’ve experienced first hand many beautiful changes and renovations. I’ve witnessed new buildings, gardens, multiple new programs & classes offered, and the change teachers, and even the insertion of a shiny steel 50 foot slide extending from the middle school all the way to the lower school allowing students to bypass the steps, but one thing I’ve failed to witnesses are modifications being made toward the nutritional health & education of the TVT student body. As well as any effort toward sustainability of our earth and community through the food at TVT.

In contrast to the vast amount of investment made in updating the progressive campus play spaces, equipment, and buildings, TVT consistently fails to make modifications to it’s outdated and unimpressive meal program. When it comes to what food is being offered on campus TVT is teaching the student body to settle for mediocrity.

Nevertheless, TVT reels people in with its impressive campus and slide, and yet once your tuition is paid only then do you notice that the meal plan has not been updated for 20 years.  Look around, even fast food chains update their menus. Burger joints like Burger Boss offer 100% grass fed burgers with gluten-free buns or bun free lettuce wrapped options. While TVT has provides students with a “hot lunch” option that has been catered by the same company for the entirety of TVT’s existence. This company either lacks any interest in student health or lacks the knowledge of what a progressive school nominated number one in academics in Orange County should be consuming for healthy meals.

In 2011, the lack of progressive eating & the unsustainability of the catering was brought to the attention of many progressive thinkers, and in fact a committee formed and came up with a solution. They invested in a new idea called the Brown Bag Lunch. The Brown Bag Lunch was an alternative option to the Tvt hot lunch program.

Instead of serving the lunch in styrofoam, they served it in compostable, biodegradable containers. They also changed some food options, instead of a large piece of chocolate cake for dessert they stuck in a crisp red farm fresh organic apple from the Saturday farmers market, instead of generic peanut butter on white bread Brown Bag offered organic raw almond butter on multigrain bread. Following this many TVT families were in support of making progressive changes to the food program offered at TVT. However, the success of the Brown Bag Lunch presented a conflict. The program was in direct competition with the schools catering company and sadly TVT made a choice. The administration and board chose to abandon majority preference, Brown Bag Lunch, and continued with the same catering company. It’s 2018, I’m a junior at TVT and still bring my own lunch to school every day.

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