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How Pokémon Helps Me Live My Life

Maxwell B.

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The very first episode of the Pokemon TV Show (in the United States) is titled; “Pokémon, I Choose You!” This episode is the start of a series that would ultimately change American animated television forever.


The plot of the episode is simple. Ash Ketchum (our noble protagonist) finally turns 10 years old, meaning he is finally old enough to obtain a pokemon. Ash embarks on a journey towards becoming a Pokemon master. However, Ash gets carried away the night before he is scheduled to begin his new journey across the Pokemon continent of Kanto. Ash has a frantic sleep, and worries about what his starter pokemon would be (Bulbasaur a grass-type, Squirtle a water-type, or Charmander a fire-type). Ash gets so lost in his thoughts that he accidentally breaks his alarm clock, because of his mistake Ash sleeps through the morning and by the time he arrives at Professor Oak’s lab all the traditional starter Pokemon were taken. Ultimately Ash is left with a Pokemon who isn’t compatible with Ash at all; Pikachu. Pikachu is as stubborn as it gets; he constantly electrocutes Ash, doesn’t listen to any of Ash’s commands, and doesn’t even go into his Pokeball as Pokemon “usually” do. Nevertheless, Ash (literally) drags Pikachu onward leaving the bubble of Pallet Town and heads out to the rest of Kanto.


Consequently, Ash and Pikachu are faced with their first challenge, Pidgey, a Pokemon. Ash decides to test his luck at capturing the basic Pokemon. However, Pikachu rejects the notion and decides to watch, Ash’s fruitless attempts at capturing the Pidgey alone, from the safety of a nearby tree. The little scrap quickly turns into a mess that ends up with a swarm of vicious Spearows (Spearow is a flying type pokemon) chasing Ash and Pikachu, who is now terribly wounded due to the attacks of the  malevolent Spearows. At the last second, Ash gallantly turns towards their malevolent pursuers and stands up to them in a final attempt to protect his new Pikachu. Pikachu recognizes Ash’s noble attempts and runs up to Ash’s shoulder, leaps off, and lays his life on the line to let out a final Thunderbolt attack to save his trainer. Pikachu’s efforts are successful, but left him in horrible condition.


[Episode Ends]


This episode is one of the most important episodes in all of American television history. This episode has also given me valuable lessons. This is the start of our school year and if you stay up every night worrying about what to wear, freaking out about a test, or even wondering what peers think you’ll ultimately suffer, just like Ash when he worried too much about his journey and paid the price. If Ash had realized that getting a good rest and keeping a calm mind was the most important thing, he would not have ended up in the mess he was put in. I plead each and every one of you don’t let your emotions allow your performances to suffer. Learn what is best for you, and conquer it. Absorb it. Once you figure out what works best for you, you can use it to your advantage and become the best version of yourself. The second lesson we learn from the start of this Pokemon episode is to give everyone a chance. Pikachu’s initial distrust of Ash is very apparent. Pikachu makes it very clear he has no intention of having a role in Ash’s mission across Kanto, yet Ash does not let this stop him. Pikachu’s attitude eventually lands Ash and Pikachu into the mess with the Spearows. If Pikachu had been there for Ash to handle the Pidgey the problem it would have never evolved into the mess it became. Eventually, Pikachu realizes the quality of Ash’s character and begins one of the greatest fictitious friendships.

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How Pokémon Helps Me Live My Life