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Ellie G

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The earth’s environment is the one factor that under assumptions of many has always been immobile. An indestructible element in all of our lives supporting and nurturing all of its inhabitants.

   During the 1760’s-1840’s our world experienced such an increase in manufacturing advancements that the time period itself was labeled as the Industrial Revolution. Throughout this time period, machines were invented with the intention to replace human labor. The establishment of factory systems developed, essentially leading to a society reliant on our planet’s fossil fuels to provide energy for the advancements created.

Ultimately, the mindset of this time was ignorant to the fact that our planet could not uphold all the waste being left on it. Although people at the time were not aware of any long-term effects this might had on society, as time progressed and advancements increased the effects were loud and clear. Earth, as we believed it to be, was not quite as durable and immobile as we thought. Our planet was and still is withering away day after day due to the constant burning of fossil fuels and prolonged careless actions directed towards the environment.

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