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What to do in New York

Gabi B.

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If you are looking for a fun and unique city to go to, New York is the place, with its great shops, restaurants and beautiful tourist spots.

“New York is a wonderful place to be up, an awful place to be down” -Alexander McCall Smith. New York is a vivid city filled with bright lights and liveliness all around. There is a radiant energy that never stops echoing. Besides from its booming vibrancy, it has a sparkle that illuminates throughout the city. Through the tall buildings and the engaged streets there is so much to do in New York.

One famous spot for hot chocolate in New York is Serendipity. What sounds better than a steaming cup of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with caramel? Nothing. This will treat your cold weather blues right away and warm you up from the chilly outside. This cute little place called Serendipity is a famous old school desert cafe and is well known for it’s frozen hot chocolate and ice cream, and if you aren’t a hot chocolate fan, you could never go wrong with the classic Serendipity Sundae.

The city is also famous for their upbeat and entertaining broadway shows. Most of these broadway shows are located in Times Square. Times Square is a bustling area that is so unique and cool to see, it’s filled with excitement and action every corner you turn.

If you are looking for a great breakfast place to go to in New York, Bubby’s is the place. They open right at 8am, so it is suggested to get there as soon as possible because of the long wait. If you make reservations ahead of time, you will get in easier. It is a very famous restaurant and if you are not there on time, they will give your seat away because of the popularity of the place. The pancakes at this breakfast place is to die for! The warm buttery pancakes melt in your mouth.

While you are in New York, it is also recommended to go to the Statue of Liberty. It is one of the most famous locations in the world as it represents America’s freedom. It is recommended to travel to the Statue of Liberty by boat so you can get a straight view. You can only visit the live Statue of Liberty in New York, so make sure not to miss it.

For a sweet touch to your trip, make sure to go to Dylan’s Candy Bar. By the time you walk in the factory, you will practically be drooling. It is a giant candy store that offers all types of candies from sweet to salty to sour. This is one of the largest candy stores in the world. They also have life size of most candies at this store. No matter what candy you like, it is guaranteed that it will be there.

While in New York City, you must go shopping, if you’re looking for fashionable hip stores. The city is known for its enormous variety of stores. They have places to go for every size and every age. It is recommended to go to 5th Avenue to shop. This street is known for its grandeur boutiques and department stores.

Another highlight of New York City is the Empire State Building. There is nothing like seeing it at night time. The overlook of the stunning, bedazzled city is beyond priceless. You will get to see the tall buildings standing high, the sparkling lights shining and the busy streets from high up above. This 102 story skyscraper is located on one of the best streets in New York called 5th Avenue.

I also suggest that you visit Central Park and take a walk through the green. Throughout the park there are people sitting on the grass, playing frisbee or just laying down and hanging out. In the park you’ll get a great view of several different parts of the city. The colorful trees are also all over varying in colors and the calm blue lake that flows through the park shines bright and is a gorgeous setting.

Lastly, you can’t leave New York without going to the famous Momofuku Milk Bar. They have several dessert options that are unique and that you can’t find at many other places. It offers options of cookies, truffles, soft serve ice cream, pies, cakes, shakes, buns, breads, and other snacks and drinks. Although there’s so much to good options to choose from, you have to go with the cake truffles. There is a birthday truffle option that is unreal. According to the milk bar menu, it’s vanilla infused cake with vanilla infused milk, coated with white chocolate and rolled in rainbow cake crumbs. It is shaped as a ball and a bit over bite size. This sugary dessert will please your taste buds and leave you wanting more. When you bite into this soft truffle, it melts in your mouth with a smooth texture. Don’t leave without New York without getting these incredible desserts!

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What to do in New York