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Terror in NYC

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On the afternoon of October 31st, 2017, Sayfullo Saipov (pictured left) drove a rented pickup truck into a crowd of people standing on a bicycle path near Ground Zero, killing eight and leaving eleven injured (CNN). During his rampage, witnesses reported the suspect yelling “Allahu Akbar,” the phrase that many Islamic Jihadist terrorists use prior to committing terrorism. After crashing into a school bus, Saipov exited the vehicle holding imitation firearms including a pellet gun and a paintball gun and as a result  was shot in the abdomen by police officers. Saipov was later hospitalized, but has since recovered. Had it not been for the NYPD’s quick response and highly skilled  training in counterterrorism, it is very possible that Saipov could have killed even more people (Fox).

Since the attack, an investigation has been opened into Saipov and it is now known that he was originally born in Uzbekistan in Central Asia, but has been living in the United States legally with a green card since 2010 (Fox). Previously an Uber Driver living in New Jersey as well as briefly in Florida, Saipov was radicalized through means of the internet by ISIS, as evident in the printout of an ISIS flag in his car as well as handwritten notes pledging his loyalty to ISIS (Fox).

Unfortunately, much of the response to this act of radical Islamic terrorism was hampered by political correctness and an attempt to not alienate any groups of people. This is evident in the report of NYPD commissioner James O’Neill, who said that the terrorist screamed a statement indicating terrorist intent, but declined to identify what the attacker shouted, the language in which he was shouting, or his suspected nationality despite the accounts from numerous eye witnesses who knew exactly what he was yelling and in what language it was shouted (Fox). Additionally, media outlets such as the New York Times immediately began publishing articles downplaying radical Islam’s role in this act of terrorism in an attempt to make Saipov seem more like the deranged Vegas shooter who opened fire on concert goers back in October of this year.


This kind of political correctness in mainstream media, shielding the facts from being spread properly, feeds falsified ideas to the public. The public needs to understand that ISIS is actively working to terrorize the world with over a dozen vehicular assaults since 2014, killing more than 170 individuals (nbc). The public needs to know that these aren’t just random deranged lone wolves committing acts of terror, but rather a highly sophisticated growing ideologically rampant and radical group numbering tens of thousands, found throughout the entire world. Only then, with a properly educated public, can the proper politicians and leaders be elected to confront the true roots of these problems, and save lives throughout the United States, and the world.

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Terror in NYC