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A Dog’s Life

Victoria E.

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People love dogs the way they love their family members, or sometimes even more. Many people treat their dogs like their child, the question is, why? Besides the obvious reasons of the endless amounts of snuggles and love, why do we connect with them so much? The answer is dogs help relieve our stress and boost our mood. They also help with depression, anxiety, and in certain cases medical issues like epilepsy. Dogs are even known to help improve cardiovascular health. This is because dogs understand human behavior, body language, and emotional state, which helps humans appeal to them. Studies have found that dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression, compared to people who don’t own dogs. Playing with dogs is also shown to boost serotonin and dopamine levels, which allows you to be calm and relaxed- hence the help with anxiety. This study also shows that people who own dogs have lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels. These are prevalent problems that people with heart diseases encounter. Although this can be viewed as circumstantial, our love for dogs can’t be.

Not only do dogs come in handy for affection and mental health, but they help police departments, epileptics, and with other medical issues. There are thousands of different dogs, just like there are thousands of different needs for them. Dogs are known to be loyal to their owners, giving their owners a sense of trust. Dogs can help people exercise more by encouraging owners to take walks or hikes with their dogs. This allows someone to potentially get a dog for physical health reasons as well. Children are also greatly affected by dogs and their love for them. It teaches them love and security among both parties. Dogs can make children develop a more positive self image because they make them feel important. Dogs also allow children to create more emotional relationships. The flip side to children and dogs are children with learning disabilities. Many children with learning challenges can easily interact with pets instead of a “scary human” in their eyes. Dogs also show us that we don’t need words for love. Dogs are used in a variety of ways and owning one will enhance your everyday life.

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A Dog’s Life