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Feminism Hates Femininity


Ava Ganz

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   In the past few years, feminism has come under quite a bit of fire for it’s demonization of masculine traits. There has been a concerted effort by feminists to equate masculinity with negative qualities such as: ignorance, aggressiveness, and lack of consideration. “Toxic masculinity,” “manspreading,” “mansplaining,” and “manterrupting” were all terms and concepts created in order to associate undesirable behaviors with the male gender. Feminism is attacking masculinity, but masculinity, in more ways than not, is a positive thing.

   Feminism similarly attacks femininity. Something admirable about the first and second wave feminists is how they embraced their femininity while fighting for equal rights. Their goal wasn’t to rid women of femininity- it was to elevate femininity. The goal was to prove that a woman can be feminine and empowered. A woman can be feminine and strong. A woman can be feminine and intelligent. Women embraced their femininity while doing their jobs just as men embraced their masculinity while doing their jobs. This is no longer something we see in feminism. Essentially, all aspects of femininity are under attack by mainstream third wave feminists. According to feminists, these feminine archetypes, which women all over the globe have embraced and found comfort in, are really just symbols of our oppression. They teach that women who continue to embody them are just agents of the patriarchy. Women don’t have to be feminine. The idea that women have to be anything is just a damaging theory.

  Feminists aren’t saying, “you don’t have to be feminine.” Rather, feminism today intends on breaking down the gender divide. They don’t want men and women to be equal; they want men and women to be the same. Feminists have no interest in helping women anymore and they have shown this by attacking women who go against their own ideology. Sure feminism pays lip service to female empowerment, but when it comes to unashamedly feminine women who refuse to be dissimilar to men, feminism reacts in an incredibly critical and undeservedly cruel manner. Take the current first lady of the United States for example. She was ripped apart for days by feminists just for wearing heels.

  As a young woman, I am told by feminists that the clothes I choose to wear, the makeup I enjoy applying, and my desire to eventually be a stay at home mom all point to my being unenlightened and unempowered, just trying to impress males around me. They can attack mine and others’ femininity all they want, but my femininity is no weakness- it’s a strength.

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Feminism Hates Femininity