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Racism in High School

Gaby T

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Several high schools all over the U.S. are struggling with racism and racist incidents in the last several months, and they have drawn national attention to the lack of action taken to combat this hate speech.

One example of racial insensitivity and hate crime occurred in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, where over 2oo students peacefully protested in order to bring attention to a photo showing their peers standing in front a row of pumpkins carved with racist symbols. A week before this incident a dark-skinned doll hanging from a noose was found in the school’s locker room. A student who attended this high school, Tajanae Primouse, told, “I’m scared to walk around in the hallways, because it’s like, people really think like that.”

Administrators then said that the hanging doll, though racially insensitive, was not classified as a hate crime. As for the photo, the district has repeatedly tried to stop “this kind of hatred and vile behavior” from its students, but since it was taken off-campus, local police cannot do anything to investigate the people behind it.

“We are limited in our ability to discipline the students. Sadly, hate speech is protected by free speech,” the superintendent explained. She then said that her community is “extremely frustrated that there is little they can do in the way of discipline in the pumpkin situation” except to continue to learn from their mistakes.

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Racism in High School