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Sarah S.

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Bees are one of the most important factors to earth continuing to thrive. They pollinate different plants and create purely sweet honey. In fact, one third of the food in the world depends on pollination, 90% of the world’s food comes from 100 crop species where bees pollinate 71 of these species.

Many people know that bees are dying. They are dying from our actions such as droughts, putting pesticides on plants, and air pollution. Some ways to keep bees alive include planting herbs, placing a bee block outside or getting your honey from local organic farmers. Planting herbs is a great way to give the bees food so they can do their job, to provide food for us. Bee Blocks provide shelter for a small number of bees, although they need some maintaining. Local Farmers take care of their bees unlike some honey companies who do not care for the bees. So make sure you take care of the bees just like they take care of us. Without bees, plants would die off because they would have no way to reproduce. The more bees we lose they less variety of plants we have.

Beeswax is also an amazing result from bees. People use beeswax for candles, soaps, lip balms and many other useful things. Honey and beeswax both contain a byproduct called propolis, this is an antibacterial agent. This agent can help fight bacteria and infections. When honey is put in tea, it can help soothe a sore throat. These are just a couple of the ways in which bees help us, but there are many others.

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