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Introducing Ms. Samuels

Sarah S., Author

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As a TVT community we love to welcome our new faculty with open arms. One new teacher this year is Ms. Samuels. She teaches the Journalism and Yearbook class and is part of the new Intensive Program. Ms. Samuels was born and raised in South Africa and moved to California in 2000. Her education includes a Bachelor of the Arts from UCLA and a teaching credential from Concordia University. Ms. Samuels has always wanted to teach. From the time she was a little girl, instead of tea parties she used to give pretend lessons to her stuffed animals. She could not be happier to be fulfilling her dreams here at TVT. Before coming to work at TVT, Ms. Samuels substitute taught long term at Mission Viejo High School. Something personal that Ms. Samuels wanted to share with us was that she is getting married next summer. So if you see her tell her congratulations to both her and her fiancé. Another fun fact is that both of Ms. Samuels’ siblings attended TVT as high school students. Some of Ms. Samuels’ hobbies include reading Shakespeare as well as any mysteries, going to the movies, watching Game of Thrones and skydiving. She loves watching Michigan and UCLA play college football and enjoys the NFL and baseball too. Ms. Samuels is a great new addition to our TVT family.

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Introducing Ms. Samuels