How Socialism is Doing in Venezuela

By Ava Ganz

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How Socialism is Doing in Venezuela

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 How Socialism Is Doing In Venezuela

by Ava Ganz


How does Venezuela a country with a functioning democracy, developing economy, flourishing middle class, and a solid healthcare system quickly turn into a country starving it’s own (now impoverished) citizens? What is it that demolished all of that previous progress and now caused a complete disaster for Venezuelans? The answer is: socialism.

 In 1999, Hugo Chavez promised the people of Venezuela a socialist paradise. When he ran for office, he gained the trust of the people by making a deal where he would leave after 2 years of office if he was not well-liked. This was the beginning of the end of democracy and the rise of dictatorship in Venezuela. It was not a surprise that Chavez had no plans of keeping this promise as he was not highly approved, yet died in office in 2013. Following this, the Vice President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, took the place of Chavez.

 Nothing is worse for a country than the authoritarianism that comes with socialism. Currently in Venezuela, there is no freedom of press. Opposition leaders such as journalists, who slightly oppose the government, and journalists who reported truthfully about the situation in Venezuela are incarcerated. The Venezuelan government has also been exposed for paying workers to throw rocks at buses full of protestors on the opposition.

 In addition to no freedom of the press, private gun ownership is illegal. Even security guards don’t have the right to bare arms, essentially making them useless. In Venezuela, only the government can own guns. The first procedure that was taken in both the Holocaust and Armenian genocide was to disarm the people, leaving them no choice but to surrender to their government.

 Things have gotten so bad in Venezuela that many national airlines refuse to fly there. The people are so impoverished that they stand in lines for hours just to be fed and often walk away empty-handed. In fact, 75% of Venezuelan adults lost an average of 19 pounds in 2016. This became known as the Maduro diet. Simple necessities such as bread and toilet paper are in high demand and short supply. Furthermore, services like power and water are majorly inaccessible. As far as crime rates go, Venezuela produces their own fabricated statistics, but it isn’t hard to see the discrepancy between their statistics and the real living conditions and danger in the country. OSAC states, “Venezuela remains one of the deadliest countries in the world with increasing violence and criminal activity in 2016, at times reaching unprecedented levels. The government of Venezuela often attempts to refute claims of increasing crime and murder rates; however, their claims are widely rejected by independent observers. Official crime figures are not released by government officials, but unofficial statistics indicate that most categories of crime increased in 2016, despite unprecedented levels in 2015. The majority of Caracas’ crime and violence remains attributed to mobile street gangs and organized crime groups.”

Things are only looking worse for Venezuela. The currency has been devalued by 92%. This country is on pace to hit 700% inflation. Remember their supposed success within health care? Now rolling blackouts are causing infant deaths in hospitals where backup generators have ceased to function. Even in a state of extreme poverty, dependency on government is hard to break. The longer Venezuela continues to be in this state, the more difficult it will be to come back from it.

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