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Trump Transgender Ban

Victoria Elfend, Editor

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President Trump announced to the world via twitter that he was banning the entry of Transgender people into the military. Expectantly, this created a lot of uproar from both Democrats and Republicans. Many transgender people have already filed lawsuits. Trump’s goal is to cut government spending on transgender surgeries and drugs needed for them to sustain their lifestyle. Many senators are also not happy with this ban: This ban not only wrongfully prevents patriotic, talented Americans from serving, it also compromises the safety and security of our country,” Lambda Legal senior attorney Peter Renn said in a statement. “Thousands of current service members are transgender, and many have been serving openly, courageously and successfully in the US military for more than a year not to mention the previous decades when many were forced to serve in silence,” he said (CNN). Peter Renn then filed a lawsuit to the US district court in Washington, along with many others.

People are banding together in support of transgender people fighting off Trumps ban. This is a matter of civil rights. Everyone is equal and deserves the same opportunities as the rest of us.


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Trump Transgender Ban