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What is SoulCycle?

Victoria Elfend, Editor

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SoulCycle isn’t just famous for it’s unique energetic classes, it’s famous for it’s uplifting atmosphere and family-like environment. The community it opens people up to is unprecedented; from Hip Hop Fridays to Wacky Wednesdays, people are always having fun. Although SoulCycle is a great workout, it’s not just about transforming your body. It’s also about meeting a diverse group of people and doing something you love, together. We go there to find our “Soul.” People are encouraged to be who they are and do what they want. With motivational instructors and amazing people, SoulCycle offers the perfect balance.

SoulCycle was founded in 2005 by Julie Rice and Elizabeth Coulter. They met on a blind date and the concept of SoulCycle was born. As mentioned previously, SoulCycle is much more than a workout place and that was their vision; To be a rockstar, warrior, and athlete. A normal Soulcycle class entails 45 minutes of high intensity cardio, abs, and weights. You’re instructed to do push ups, sit ups, and crunches on the bike. Although this is hard, the upbeat music keeps you motivated and the goal is to have high resistance and pedal to the rhythm of the song.

As someone who attends Soulcycle on a weekly basis, I can personally say the bonds I’ve created with the instructor and people around me are one of a kind. SoulCycle offers an outlet to get your stress out and interact with people you usually wouldn’t. I highly recommend it!

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What is SoulCycle?