Get Hyped for the Russia 2018 World Cup

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Get Hyped for the Russia 2018 World Cup

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With the 2018 Russia Fifa World Cup rapidly approaching this upcoming June of 2018, preliminary matches deciding the 32 contestants of the world cup have resumed and are rapidly reaching a climax.

Hype for this upcoming World Cup is growing by the day, worldwide with nearly 50 thousand soccer enthusiasts expected to show up in Russia this summer. In previous years, according to statistics from FIFA and Kantar Media, the World Cup is the single most viewed event in the entire world, with around 3.2 billion people tuning in for the 2014 World Cup from TVs worldwide. To put this into perspective, this is nearly 30 times the number of people who tuned in to watch the Super Bowl (only 111 million).

The way that these preliminary matches work, is that they will condense the 208 teams worldwide into a mere 31 teams. These 31 teams will then compete in the World Cup in June in addition to Russia, the host country, making a total of 32 competing teams. These 208 teams are divided into 6 qualification zones, which include Africa, Asia, Europe, North and Central America, Oceania, and South America. Each of these zones can send only a small number of teams to the World Cup according to the following graphic. If a zone can send half a team, this means that the team must play an intercontinental play off against another zone that can only send half a team, and only the winner will enter the World Cup.

Currently the USA is in the final round of preliminary matches, and is in 4th place out of 6 following a devastating loss of 2-0 against Costa Rica, and only tying against Honduras, the 5th place team 1-1, who now has an equal number of points as the USA. Luckily for the USA, Honduras still has two very tough matches ahead of them against Mexico and Costa Rica, the first and second place teams, whom they are unlikely to beat. The USA, on the other hand has a match against Panama, the third place team, and an easy match against Trinidad and Tobago, the last place team with a record of 1 in 8.

All of this means that it is likely that the USA will be able to maintain its 4th spot in the table and even offers them a chance at jumping up to the 3rd spot if they manage to win both their games. Unfortunately however, if the USA only manages to guard its 4th position, they will have to participate in an intercontinental playoff against the 5th place team from Asia before being qualified for the world cup.


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