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Visa Applicants and Vetting

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Since the initial travel ban approved by the Trump administration in January there have been countless revisions and controversies on the right, the left and in other government agencies, and because of this the Trump administration is continually working to revise the ban before their ninety day deadline in June. Currently, the administration is developing new ways to vet and examine people coming into the U.S, and homeland security is no exception. “Each of the opportunities that the US government has to interview and/or vet potential inbound travelers is being reviewed,” said acting Customs and Border Protection Deputy Commissioner Ronald Vitiello at AFCEA’s Homeland Security Conference in DC on Tuesday, September 11, 2017. The examples they give are looking at things such as people’s internet backgrounds, their activity, and their social medias accounts. Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Tom Homan then said, “the agency can do more to continue tracking approved individuals when they get to the U.S.” To further this statement he said, “Another thing we’re working on is continuous vetting. Once they get a visa into this country, the vetting shouldn’t stop. What are they doing six months from now? What are they involved in six months from now? That’s a big piece of this.” In a nutshell this means that any person legally in the country with a visa can continually  have their privacy violated by the federal government. 

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Visa Applicants and Vetting