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Summer 17’s Best New Music

Gaby T

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As summer comes and goes artists from all genres opt to release their latest mix-tapes, playlists, and albums to secure their spot at the top of the charts. Summer 2017, was no exception; from Billboard to Complex the music industry was overflowing with new songs and returning artists this summer. Though we have been gifted with many high quality albums so far in 2017, the summer season is reserved for the most anticipated releases.

As a relative new comer to the music industry releasing an album in the summer can be a bold move, but rapper Lil Uzi Vert proved to be an exception. Luv Is Rage 2 is his second debut studio album and is the sequel to his first mix-tape “Luv Is Rage.” After debuting on Billboard’s top 200 chart at number one all week, his album did not fall short.

One of the biggest shocks and releases this summer was Taylor Swift and her single “Look What You Made Me Do.” After countless teasers and snippets, she dropped her single and confirmed her next album Reputation is scheduled to come out Nov. 10. Though some fans are skeptical that Taylor cannot come back from her last album 1989, they should not worry, because even after a three-year hiatus, countless feuds and twitter fights, Taylor Swift is back in the music game with “Look” already at the top of charts.

Other artists to watch for and notable summer releases:

SZA’s Control

Daniel Caesar’s Freudian 

and many more.

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Summer 17’s Best New Music