Was the Unicorn Frap as Magical As People Said It Was?

Emma S.

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This adorably magical drink has been taking social media by storm. The Unicorn Frappuccino is a flavor changing and color changing drink. It starts sweet and fruity and then ends with a sour or tangy taste. When you swirl, it reveals a color- changing spectacle of pink and purple. It’s finished with whip cream sprinkled with sour pink and blue sprinkles. The Unicorn Frappuccino came out on Wednesday the 19th. Crowds were swarming their local Starbucks’ wanting to try the infamous Unicorn Frappuccino. Many people have tried the drink so they were sold out by Friday. “I have little daughters so they wanted to try the unicorn frap. I couldn’t get there until Saturday morning, so my local Starbucks was sold out.” The Unicorn Frappuccino was selling like hotcakes, but was the drink even any good? There were many mixed emotions from the people who had tried it. “It was pretty, but the mango part is good but sour part overpowers and it doesn’t mix well.” Chloe simon thought the drink “tasted good” and that a lot of people said it was bad but it was really good. It tasted like “starburst” and the blue syrup tasted like warheads. Chloe would definitely buy this again. Others thought it was “ creamy and thick” and the top was super sour like “a Laffy taffy and starburst.” The majority of the people who tried the drink were not satisfied. “It was disgusting, it tasted like sweet and sour milk. It was like spoiled milk, it was gross.” They also thought that the sour part overpowers and that does not mix well. In Addition, some thought it tasted like a spoiled boysenberry drink. All in all the drink was absolutely adorable and surprised everyone with a kick of flavor. You never know what Starbucks will come up with next?

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