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Calling All Vegans!!!!

Hope H, TVT Trends Editor

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Think about getting to go to this amazing festival Youtubers will be at where there are animals, activities, and best of all food and drinks. What makes it so amazing is that it’s all vegan. That is what Veg Fest is. Veg Fest is April 30th, 2017, 10:30am – 6:30pm in Los Angeles. This all vegan festival has free admission. Over 10 vegan “celebrities” came to this event. A few of them were High Carb Hannah, Mommy Tang, Supreme Banana, Nina and Randa, Dr. Neal Bernard, Stella Rae, Mix the Vegan and so many more. At this event there were over 150 organizations and companies that came to this event: some of the companies were Happy Cow (a website to find vegan, vegetarian, healthy restaurants and stores all around the world) and restaurants like Southern Fried Vegan, and The Dirty Cookie. Another thing the event had was a Learning Kitchen, Q & A tent, Vegsparation panels with famous Vegans, Child Kingdom, and animal Adoption. The learning kitchen is where Vegan Youtubers would show fantastic and easy vegan recipes. The Child Kingdom is where kids can go and have fun with games, songs, face paint and more. They also had many different types of animals there to play with and to adopt at the event. ( )

I had gone to this event and when I got there we thought there was not going to be very many people, at most around 1,000. When I got there so many people were there and it was hard to find parking. The line to get in was so long because of the amount of people but it was worth it once I got in. This place was huge there were so many stations and places to look at. It was very fun because I got to meet vegan YouTubers and talk with them and take photos which was amazing. I had learned so much from the panels and learning kitchen. There were many different options for food also. Inside there were long lines for the food and it was expensive depending on where you got the food from. Everyone there was so nice also. I got to try so many different types of vegan food and I loved the experience I had when going. I already know what I am doing next year the day of Veg Fest.

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Calling All Vegans!!!!