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Summer Fashion

Gabi B., Middle School Editor

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Who is excited that Summer is coming up? Now is the time to break out the bright colors and fun clothing! Summer is the perfect chance to embrace the glowing, cheerful materials. Nothing screams summer more than vibrant shades that radiate and makes your skin shine.


The newest trends for summer fashion include many hip and different styles. It is heating up everywhere that stripes are the new design that everyone is wearing. From vertical stripes to horizontal, this pattern gives a bold look that is fresh and modern. Also, shirt dresses are continuing to be popular as more and more people are following this trend. It is a lazy, comfy look that is cute at the same time as it is stylish but looks like you are not trying hard. Fashion week states that 50 shades of yellow are going to be in. This makes sense because what is a better color than yellow for summertime? This joyful color gives a sunny glare that looks good on almost every skin tone. Anyone could rock yellow when they get their pre-summer tan on.

Also, New York Fashion Week states that ruffles is going to be a 2017 summer trend as well. Ruffles are fun on any piece of clothing weather it is on a skirt or sleeves of a shirt. It adds a touch of individuality and imagination that is always classy. The garden party theme is seeming to be very famous at this time, people are wearing floral all over on dresses and pants and even shoes are starting to have that type of design on it. Flowers are very in style and are very “summer.” Anything neon is also very in style as it gives the luminous dazzle. You could never go wrong with neon colors in the summertime. It is the perfect look that sets a happy tone as far as clothing. Shininess is also the way to go for summer clothing choices. It is iridescent and simply pretty. This can be worn in any season but is always nice in summer. That is also a design that is very favored at this time of year. Who doesn’t like wearing sparkly clothing?

New York Fashion Week also states that “all tied up” is the new subject of clothing. They are starting to show criss crosses everywhere from pant sides to sleeves. Not only that but one shoulder dresses and shirts are supposed to be the new look. It is a unique and original trend that is similar to the 80’s. This was suggested for spring/summer 2017. 

The pantone for 2017 summer fashion includes the colors of primrose yellow, pale pink, hazelnut, light green, flame orange, kale green, lapis blue and bright pink. These colors all clash together as there are lights and medium tones. They are all gorgeous summertime colors that would gleam on any skin tone. Most of these are pastel colors as of course that is a stunning look for summer.

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Summer Fashion