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No Mean Girls (Satire)

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One of the greatest problems with society is the fact that everybody always judges everyone else. People are always criticizing each other, whether they want to or not, due to their first impression of the person and information gained from others about that individual. This judgement occurs constantly. A person is continuously adding to their perception of a friend or colleague and is also judging people the first time they meet them, based on what they see or have seen.

One effect of this can be seen in any social environment. In schools, clubs and even just different social cliques, people from inside those groups are consistently excluding other people or not listening to the ideas of certain members. When people in a group see a person who doesn’t think like them or view the world in the same way, they sometimes decide to exclude them from either their group or the conversation they are having. The group won’t let that person sit and eat with them or might decide to talk about other people or recent news that the new person doesn’t know about. Other times, if a group is working on a project and a certain person offers a solution or possible plan of attack, the group won’t listen to what that individual has to offer based on how that person has been presented by others.

This is a huge problem in society and can bring about enormous consequences. One such consequence is when that excluded person knows the solution to a problem or has an idea that could greatly reduce the amount of time and effort put into finding the solution. Not listening to what this person has to say could end up wasting many resources or could result in devastating results. An example of this could be during a war. If one of the people in an army is viewed as not so smart or unimportant and because of that is not listened to when they present an idea, they could have a solution to a crisis yet never be heard. This would be because the other people in their army don’t believe their idea will actually have value, and could result in the loss of territory, goods or even lives, all due to judgement.

My recommendation for a solution to this problem would be to create a world filled with blind people.

If everyone in the world was blind, nobody would be able to judge someone based on what they saw when they looked at that person. A person wouldn’t be judged based on how they appeared, because no one would be able to see them or truly know what they looked like. Therefore there would not be any judgement based on appearance and there would be less bias due to the inability to judge based on a how a person’s looks.

Contradictory to what my plan may seem at first, not everyone would be blinded. There would be some people who were chosen at birth to become the select few able to help teach the blind population how to live. They would be brought up with past generations of not-blind people who would teach them their jobs and how to keep society running smoothly.

The majority of the people on earth would live a normal life, just like today, besides the fact that they would all be blind. They would work with different types of jobs, care for children (and pets), and improve their society just like many people in many nations do today. They would still be able to live happy and healthy lives, with only minor problems caused by their lack of sight.

However, because they can’t see, it would be a necessity to give them some help. For example, we can help the blind people in society by giving them assistance from the select few living people who weren’t blind. These not-blind people would be brought up with the sole job of helping the people who were blind and would be called Viewers and Helpers. They would assist the blind in tasks where it is necessary to be able to see and would also make sure that society flowed properly.

One of their jobs to help keep society flowing properly would be to make sure that all newborns, except for the select few chosen, were blinded. The babies wouldn’t be blinded immediately after birth, because that wouldn’t be beneficial Maybe say what will be used to blind these 3 year olds and how it will be done. The babies would live for around three years, with full sight, (alongside their parents). However, during those three years, the children would go through many different types of tests so that the leaders of this blind society could find the babies best suited to living with sight, and using their skills to keep society running smoothly.

Once the Viewers found out which children were best qualified to become the new Viewers, they would make sure that the job of blinding everyone else was executed properly. Any children that were not to become future Viewers would be blinded, painlessly, on their third birthday. As a society that lives off a blind populace, they would have perfected the ability to blind their children without causing them any pain You repeat the same thing a couple times, try another sentence instead of repeating one said earlier. The Viewers would make sure all the non-chosen were blinded and would also make sure that nobody tried to fight the policy. Because the number of Viewers is so low, it would be very important to the society of the unseeable that they don’t have anyone rebelling against their laws that they put in place to keep order. The most important job of the Viewers (say viewers less) would be to make sure everybody understood the laws and believed that they were what is best for their society to succeed.

There are many additional advantages to going through with this change in society. One major advantage is that nobody would have to care what they or their houses look like. They wouldn’t have to pay attention to how their house is decorated or how the clothes they wear are designed. They could wear anything they wanted without anybody commenting on it, because nobody would be able to see what they are wearing.

Additionally, more money could be spent on necessities such as food, housing, functional vs. decorative clothes, etc. Without people to see a person’s clothes, that person would be able to buy clothes based solely on their ability to properly suit the person’s need. They wouldn’t have to decide which outfit to wear each day, but could own enough pairs of the same set of clothes to wear one such outfit every day. This would lead to less money spent on clothes, and would give government the money they need to buy adequate food for the entire population of their country. Similarly, women wouldn’t feel obligated to wear make-up, as nobody would be able to see their face, and would be able to spend that money on food or housing instead of beauty products.

Another advantage to having a blind population is that nobody would be able to drive cars. The Viewers would be the only ones able to drive cars and it wouldn’t be as necessary for them to drive because they would be able to walk  Viewers is said too many times and i’m not sure if it should be capitalized or not. Although walking is a lot slower than driving, it is still a viable mode of transportation. Additionally, since the rest of the population is walking, it would be fine if the Viewers mainly used walking as their mode of transportation. With this lack of transportation by cars, there would be fewer car accidents and less gasses released into the atmosphere harming our world. Horses and taxis would be available for long distance travel, when necessary, as would a few airplanes and boats. These long distance modes of transportation would all be run and controlled by Viewers for the benefit of society.

I can think of no objection, to this proposal, except possibly that of the fact that the industry of art would be destroyed. Although this may seem a problem, society would be able to quickly get over this change and the lack of resources going towards art would result in more money for buying necessities such as food and feasible clothes. I won’t let anyone talk to me about other solutions for finding new ways to make people understand that looks don’t matter: of educating children about diversity, changing the clothing industry to include all different styles of clothing equally (so no one feels left out), requiring uniforms or uniform dress codes at ALL schools and stopping the allowance of the news to propagate fashion selective to certain body types/beliefs. I repeat, I won’t let anyone speak to me of other methods until he believes he will be able to put them into practice.


Viewers are the non-blind people in society

Yeah people would still be able to hear each other and base judgements on voice/sound

Also people wouldn’t be able to see the wonderful beauties of nature, but that isn’t important


Without people able to see, nobody would be able to make the art and, even if some Viewers decided to create art, there wouldn’t be anybody to buy it or even to look at it. As the runners of society, Viewers wouldn’t have time to just sit back and enjoy art or go to museums to look at exhibits filled with art.

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