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The Phone Chuckers are Back!!!!!! 📱👋(Satire)

Hope H, TVT Trends Editor

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Oh, No…. It’s back. The Phone box is coming back in the next year, 2017-2018. I have gotten news from Mr. Wood that they are coming back because too many kids have been caught with their phones during school. First, having to deal with not being able to use it during lunch and now not able to even have it with you. This is going to be a disaster. Especially since the phone chuckers will be back.

The phone chuckers are a group of seventh graders that were sixth graders last year. These kids would take people phones and throw them in the phone boxes. Or even worse, they would take them out of the phone box and chuck them at a wall or person. Kids would leave school with a broken phone. These kids would wear TVT t-shirt, yoga pants, a sweatshirt, and Adidas. The look will be very easy to help you find them. As this was happening last year, students were not the happiest while this was going on, and it showed. Kids were meaner and sassier to their teachers than ever before. Some kids had done some pranks and others hid in their lockers, even though Mr. Wood said you can’t sit in your locker for fun, or any reason for that matter. So then everyone was mad.

TVT  parents were also not happy. This resulted in long and thought out emails, and this year’s seventh graders creating a video about “the phone chuckers”. All this commotion had stopped the phone chuckers, and the phone box from staying at the school. Finally, TVT was out of the chaos and ready to start a new year. Let’s hope this does not happen again….

Just kidding. Happy Purim!!!! Hope you liked this satire about the seventh-grade phone chuckers. It didn’t actually happen and they are not putting the phone boxes back. I hope….

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The Phone Chuckers are Back!!!!!! 📱👋(Satire)