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Wendy’s the Roasting🔥 Company

Hope H, TVT Trends Editor

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Wendy’s the fast food chain🍔🍟 has always been more savage than the other fast food chains🍔🍟. Their twitter📱🐦 can prove that. Wendy’s started using their twitter📱🐦 to get attention and it has worked. They are using their twitter📱🐦 to roast and speak🗣 to customers and others. To roast😂  is to humorously mock or humiliate someone with a well-timed joke🤣, diss or comeback. ( Wendy’s has done it all from roasting🔥 other fast food chains🍔🍟 to roasting🔥 people, and doing a kids homework.

The roast🔥spree started with a user who thought Wendy’s didn’t use fresh beef.  Wendys backfired with a series of roast🔥 for the person. ( guy didn’t see it coming.  After going viral after the first roast, they continued with roasting🔥 other people and companies🔥. People were making videos and posts about it. Fine Brother’s, a large Youtube channel, created a YouTubers react to it video. And then problems began…

After they started Wendy’s had started a huge war with McDonald’s. McDonald’s wanted to take the spotlight from Wendy’s. They had been spitting 🔥fire or roasting each other for weeks. Customers from each fast-food chain had stopped going to the other. Wars have been taken place by all of them already. Chaos is coming from these brands. The whole world is going to be spilled. Most people are on the side of Wendy’s since they were the ones that started the Twitter📱🐦 beef. As a result, McDonald’s is losing customers, and Wendy’s is gaining customers.

In Canada, two cousins went to war in one of their backyards because one was a Wendy’s fan and the other was a McDonald’s. It had gotten so bad that one was… Grounded. With these wars, everyone has been turning against each other- brothers against brothers, friends against friends, and acquaintances against acquaintances. A war has started. Instead of winter is coming, Burger King is coming.

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Wendy’s the Roasting🔥 Company