Hoping Hoppers Pogo to the Top (Satire)

Kyla S., Culture Editor

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Pogoing has been around quite some time now. Our ancestors used to Pogo around to get to a fro before people were aware that legs were good for walking. Sadly, as time went on, pogoing wasn’t celebrated as much as it should have been. Everyone put down their pogo sticks and lifted their iPhones and hoverboards and the pogo-stick was just forgotten, until recently.

Finally the Hoping Hoppers, America’s first ever competitive pogo sticking olympic team, are jumping into the spotlight. The Hoppers have been trying to gain appreciation and attention to themselves and the art of pogo sticking itself for quite sometime. They’ve put on everything from bake sales to pogo-thons, but no one seemed to acknowledge their talent. One day, a cat was stuck in a tree, just a little kitten, and no one was able to get her down. Everyone was screaming and crying, similar to the reaction of the Bowlen Green Massacre, and that was when Johnny Jonathan Johnson came to the rescue. Johnson saw the kitten while he was pogoing down the street, like he did everyday, and couldn’t help but stop. Johnny, with the help of his pogo-stick, jumped up to the tree and saved the kitten. This news went viral, and that’s when the art of pogo sticking gained the recognition it deserved.

Johnny was given the honor of team captain for the Hoping Hoppers after his great save. This summer, in Madagascar, the first ever set on international pogoing teams will be competing in the Olympics. Everyone’s money is on the Hopper to take home the gold, but both Brazil and Japan’s teams are very close in the running. Brazil has the Bouncing Bunnies. The Bunnies, unlike the hoppers, had recognition in Brazil and had pogoing competitions. Team Japan, the Frolicing Frogs, also had the recognition, but world wide bets are going on, and everyone has their money on team USA’s Hoping Hoppers.  

Tune into the channel 84 on July 21 this summer to witness the first ever competitive pogo-stick jumpers go at it to win the gold.

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