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TVT Winter Formal: 2017 Beach Ball

Elianna S.

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Winter Formal

From the food to the music to the photo booths, the winter formal was inconsistent to say the least. While some enjoyed their experiences, an overwhelming number of people were not too pleased. Below are their accounts, as well as some of my own opinions/experiences.

Many students attested to the space where the dance was held being too big, leaving it feeling very empty, especially since our school is relatively small and an even less amount of students actually attended the dance. Having a smaller space, such as the ones on the party bus, encourages more participation in dancing to the music. Many of my peers state that things could have been better, especially the playlist. The DJ hadn’t played any slow songs –traditionally played at the end of the dance– and many folks were disappointed that they didn’t get to slow dance with their dates. Many of the people who attended the dance also chose to sit on the benches rather than dance because the music “took us back to 2012 which wasn’t a good year” (Kylea Lehrich). The food offered was a variety of sweets, most of them not particularly palatable, however lots of students took a particular liking to the parfaits. The venue it was hosted at resembled a creepy warehouse, and the bus couldn’t drive into the parking lot of the venue so attendees had to walk to it. The photo booth pictures, due to my relentless pestering and calls at 1 o’clock in the morning, were put up on their Facebook 4 days after the dance. Concerns were raised on how sanitary the props were, especially if the hats were washed in between uses. Nobody wants to get lice from an Octopus hat.

However, many students liked their experience at the dance. Romi Gilat, for example, was happy to attend: “this was my first dance ever! It was so fun!” Many girls in particular were happy they provided flip flops to use since they were not permitted to wear heels or go barefoot on the dance floor. Izzy Reinhard took a liking to the transportation, “the party bus was a bonding experience and I liked choosing our own music”. The bathrooms were clean and the inflatable beach balls were a nice touch. Many male students opted out of dancing and played with the balls instead. The pictures came out nicely, and the props were a nice touch.

Although many students had a lot of negative things to say about this past Winter Formal Beach Ball, that is usually the nature of dance reviews here at TVT.

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TVT Winter Formal: 2017 Beach Ball