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Gabi B., Middle School Editor

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Maccabi is an extremely fun organization that allows Jewish teenagers to play their sport. This institution goes to a different place each year as they change locations every summer. Last year, there was one taking place in Stanford, Connecticut, and this year for 2017 they are holding it in Miami, Florida. Young adults from the ages of 13-16 are allowed to participate in this program. Thousands of teens from all different states throughout the country come and engage in this incredible program. This organization is meant for the kids to build Jewish pride through sports.

At this organization, each person sticks with someone else or a few other people and you stay together in a house. The hosting families are very kind because they volunteer to have people stay with them. This event allows you to get a chance to grow a relationship with people in a diverse family. You will stay with them for one week and get to know them very well over that period of time.

This organization is also very entertaining as you are taking part in your sport, but then always participating in some fun activity after. Some nights you spend time or go out with your host family and there is a party for the teens almost every night. These “parties” take place at various venues and allow kids to interact with other kids their age from all different places.

As for the sports, there is pretty much one for anyone who wants to participate. Some of the variety of sports include ping pong, dance, soccer, tennis, basketball, archery, volleyball, cycling, gymnastics, golf, hockey, karate, lacrosse, rowing, softball, swimming, track, table tennis and few more. Not only do you have many options of what you want to participate in, but there are different levels of sports. For example, if you like dance but are not so serious about it, there is a recreational option which is not so competitive. Although, there is also a more competitive option of all sports for participants to compete in.

Maccabi is such a great experience not only because of having the opportunity to play your sport in a different city, but you will meet so many new people and make many friends. From this organization, you will have friendships that last a lifetime and relationships that you will never forget.  Maccabi is as if a camp because of how it is such an energetic, fun, pleasurable place. For more information about this enthusiastic organization, visit the website below. As you may notice on the website, they have information about them, their projects, people, history, events, fundraising, media and people’s blogs! I hope that you are encouraged to look at this website and research more about the event many kids look forwards to in their Summer: Maccabi.

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