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Tali R, Sports Editor

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An Interesting Road

I was looking up at the sky, playing the cloud shape game with my friends, and then I saw the cloud… A cloud shaped like a road. Where was the road leading to? Would it ever disappear? How come I haven’t noticed it before? Was it meant for me? Does it mean something? Of course it meant something…

I decided to go check it out, and before long, I was walking on the cloud, up and over the whole city, rays of sun beaming upon me. I reached the end of the mystical cloud, I saw something of the that looked sort of like a door, maybe even a portal… The portal somehow put me to sleep because when I woke up, I was in a whole different world. A world of interesting shaped trees, and flying cars. The cars had airplane wings, and satellites, radios, balloons, and more stuck to the top of them. I felt like I was dreaming, and maybe I was, but it didn’t matter to me at the moment because my eyes were looking somewhere else, and my head was thinking of something totally different. I stood up with the help of a balloon that was “magically” attached to my hand, and noticed that there were balloons everywhere. I walked around a little bit, turned a corner, and found a cute little baby robot looking at me from the top of a fairy filled tree a few feet away. I felt like I was in the Tinkerbell movie, and the second that thought popped into my brain, the fairies sprinkled fairy dust onto me. It’s like the fairies could see into my mind, and reach my thoughts with their sprinkle sized fingers. My feet lifted off the ground, and before I knew it, I had already learned how to elevate myself. I had gotten to the top of the tree, and remembered about the robot that was still sitting there, this time on a cloud, looked up at me. He marched up at me, brave and all, and said shyly, “Hello, my name is Liam, and I will show you around”.  All of a sudden, all of the questions twirling around in my head were forgotten, and I felt like one of those 5 year old girls that skipped into the sunset. I grabbed Liam’s hand, and follow him down another road, this time knowing that I was going to a place where I could forever be happy, and live knowing that the future (now Image result for cute robotspresent) is a enjoyable, lovely  place for me and everyone else.

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