The Lions' Pride

Creative Writing Fantasy Story

Gabi B., Middle School Editor

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I was walking home from school and had a strange feeling come upon me. I had a concerned feeling about something, but I didn’t quite know what it was. I just kept on walking although I’ve never felt this way before.

I finally reached home and just went straight through the door. As I was sprinting past the kitchen, something caught the corner of my eye. I could see a flash of steaming pink and that’s when I knew that I had to stop.

I went over to the counter and found myself staring at what looked like a slim jar that was hazy but colorful. My eyes grew big and glowed with gleam and shock. I had no clue what it was but something inside me felt lured to go closer towards it.

I stood there for a while, just admiring this thing that I have never seen before. Bright pink air floated out of this glassed shape and it looked as if warm clouds were being made.

I reached my hand out to touch this clear open bottle-like object and my hand stung when I touched it as if it shocked me with reality. It was like while I was so busy daringly deeply analyzing what was in front of  me, I lost track of time and my life. All of my worries drifted out of my head and my brain was only filled with curiosity and amazement.

As more time passed by, I felt more and more allured to go closer and closer into the object. I eventually extended my hand and picked up the steaming jar, but this time it didn’t burn. I placed it closer and closer towards me and finally it was so close the steam was streaming into my mouth.

It tasted like something I’ve never tasted before; so cold and light. I sipped more and more of it until the whole thing was dranken from. Soon, I got very lightheaded and dizzy after putting so much into my body.

Suddenly before I knew it, I remember collapsing to the floor and blanking out. Everything was black after that and I can’t recall one thing. Then, the next morning I woke up in a different place.

I was lying on a street in the middle of nowhere. Although, it was no ordinary street; bright neon pink, just like the color of the drink. It was filled with loose flowers piled elegantly within the street. The flowers were gorgeous, vivid and lively. I’ve never seen a scenery so beautiful.

I looked to my right and saw huge houses stacked together. Some were made with gold, some were crystal and some were even in weird, different shapes such as hearts.

Then, I looked to my left and saw an emerald sea. It was dazzling in the shiny sun and I could picture it gleaming in the pale moonlight. The movement of the water was slow and settling, just waving and rocking back and forth. I could get lost in the stunning view…

I was too engaged at this interesting place, that I didn’t even have any time to stress or worry about where I was and how I wasn’t back home.

But, as I was admiring wherever I was, I abruptly struck by something dark and mysterious. I saw a secretive, hidden shape come towards me. It was frightening and I didn’t know what it was.

“Looks like you have found the potion we sent you,” the figure said in an extremely deep and scary tone. I took a few steps back and it kept coming closer to me. Poof, bang, boom.

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Creative Writing Fantasy Story