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The Return of the Starbucks Holiday Cups

Sophia S., Lion's Den Editor

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The holiday season is finally here! Starbucks, the very popular coffee shop, has finally came out with their new holiday cups. “For many, when Starbucks red cups return, it’s a signal that the holiday season is drawing near”, says Starbucks Newsroom.

Starbucks first released new green cups as a symbol of unity for their holiday cups this year. Many customers strongly disliked the green cup and thought it was “just another assault in the war on Christmas, while others saw it as an act of liberal political brainwashing” says the Huffington Post. On Thursday, November 10th, Starbucks released their real 2016 holiday cups which were red to show the true holiday spirit.

Since 1997, Starbucks has warmly greeted the holidays with a special seasonal red cup in celebration of the cozy and happy spirit. Although, last year customers disliked how plain and simple the holiday cups were, Starbucks has really stepped up their game this year and brought back all the symbols of the holidays on the cups.  “Over the years, designs have ranged from the modern, using whimsical brushstrokes in bold colors, to the nostalgic, featuring mistletoe and ornaments. This year, for the first time, Starbucks red cups will feature designs created by customers with 13 distinct cups” states the Starbucks Newsroom. The response to these custom-designed, customer creations has been positive. 

Starbucks’ goal is to share the holiday spirit to all of their customers around the world. Their holiday cups have always been red, but this year for the first time, they invited customers to share their designs on Instagram. From Illinois to Korea to Dubai, Starbucks received more than 1,200 individual submissions from 13 countries. Many images were featured in an online cup collection. The beautiful and expressive art on the cups inspired Starbucks to use their customers’ talented designs this year instead of their traditional way.

The idea for the theme of this year’s holiday is “Let there be bright,” says Starbucks Newsroom. “The big idea is that when we all come together, we are stronger and brighter,” says Stephanie Vandenack of Starbucks. “You can see that notion expressed in the vitality and movement in the holiday cup design. It captures the brilliance of the holidays.”

I recently went to Starbucks and was very excited to see their new holiday cups. Their cups are known for their unique design and appearance, and every year I look forward to the new cup model. This year, I was so amazed at how “cute” the cups look. The cup makes it feel as though the holiday season is finally here; with all the hot drink cups being red with white designs featuring holiday symbols including candy canes, ornaments, snowflakes, and lights and the one cold drink cup having a wreath wrapped around the Starbucks mermaid logo. I was very surprised to hear that Starbucks made 12 different holiday cups, each one having a distinct look. I think Starbucks did an excellent job on making their 2016 holiday cups, and they make me feel happy everytime I see it. Go grab one today!

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The Return of the Starbucks Holiday Cups