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Tali R, Sports Editor

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Tasty Tea

“CHA FOR TEA is a place where you can enjoy a refreshing cup of tea with the company of others.”


TVT students will enjoy Cha for Tea in the UCI center. There are samples given at Cha for Tea which include drinks or food, as well as small finger foods, for example: dumplings, chicken, and a variety of tasty teas. Also, there are different drinks including fruit flavored milk teas – hot or cold, hot teas, iced teas, and coolers. You can easily custom make your drink, take away sweetImage result for crispy chicken cha for teaeners, and add boba or aloe. Also this place is great for a small snack. Cha for Tea provides full meals including a meat, rice and or a side salad. If you want a quick snack, you can order the crispy chicken appetizer, which is a snack size bag of delicious chicken with a tasty sweet and sour sauce available for purchase (it’s my favorite). If you fall in love with their teas, which I am sure you will, you are able to purchase loose tea leaves. If you ask one of the staff members, they will be happy to help you. 



TVT students weighed in on their Cha for Tea favorites. Izzy R. recommends passionfruit green tea, mango green tea, or peach green tea, but she recommends cutting the sweetener. Isabella S. says, “I like the cinnamon chai tea, I’m kind of addicted because it has more caffeine than the other tea and sometimes I just need to wake up”. The honey milk tea boba is Elianna S’s favorite. She also likes the spice of the chai teas.  A staple is mango iced tea for warm days.


Cha looks better that ever after its recent “face lift”. Cha has recently renovated their cafe to look modern
and stylish. Their cafe now emphasizes how important tea leaves are for the tastiness and quality of the tea. The design incorporates contemporary elements and has bright colors everywhere. The whole cafe now features colors of green and yellow and it makes you want to come inside and have a drink. And trust me, they were right to do that, because their drinks are the best of the best. Also, not only is their interior decorous, but the outside is great as well. There are giant windows and vivid colors on the outside to attract buyers. Seating outside is comfy just as it is in the inside, and also there are cute tea pots available for purchase. These are handcrafted and stylish.


Not only does this cafe have good tea, but it’s also in a great location. Although there are different Cha for Tea locations, the nearest one is in Irvine, CA, in the University Town Center, so it is always full of hungry UCI students. Cha has comfy seats and is a great socializing place. Kids of all ages come to enjoy a meal there, and of course adults as well. Cha is great spot for hanging out with your friends, whether they are your college buddies or your dance friends. People even come their for job interviews because it so comfy and chill that there is no need to get stressed.


“We hope our tea could bring a smile to your face!” –

When I asked people about Cha, I got smiles, but also a few frowns. A customer that had just bought a drink at Cha told me, “I love boba tea, but sometimes I need to ask to get less sweetener. I wish all drinks didn’t have so many artificial add-ons”. On the other hand, a sweet little boy who had just bought a drink with his mother said that he loved sugary stuff and boba tastes really good because it’s chewy. He said he has always loved Cha because he lives close. And personally, if I had to give a review about Cha for Tea it would sound like this… ‘Cha for Tea is a great cafe, and I truly wish I got to go there every single day, but every time I get a drink I ask for half the sweetener. I love the food there as well, and the people there are great friends’. Overall, what I’ve heard from most people is that Cha for Tea is a fantastic place, and their drinks are amazing even if they have a tad too much sweetener.

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Try Some Tasty Tea