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The Return of the Mighty Rams

Emma S., TVT Trends Editor

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Strength, Commitment, Community, and One Goal. 100,000’s of fans cheering in the stands wearing their favorite team jersey and waving banners with pride and passion. The Rams are back and are ready to stampede their opponents. Los Angeles hasn’t had a football team since 1995 and LA couldn’t be happier  that the Rams have returned from St. Louis. They moved to California hoping to become more successful, for they were the 3rd weakest team in the league in 2015 (  UCI hosted the Rams for training camp this year which allowed fans to cheer on the Rams and mingle with other fans. The fans watched the Rams practice and scrimmage during training camp. The first game they played was against the 49ers, one of their biggest rivals. In the end, the Rams got creamed 0-28. Losing their first game of the season was embarrassing for Los Angeles, especially as their first game back in L.A. They were even booed on the field. Aaron Donald, defensive tackler, showed poor sportsmanship by ripping off his helmet and slamming it into the turf. He was later ejected from the game and defended himself by saying “Anytime you lose a game you’re going to be embarrassed.” Still, the Rams would come back with a few wins during the season, especially after playing some of their star players.

The Rams this year have recruited players from all across the United States. Some players are locally from California and even some from Texas ( One of the quarterbacks Case Keenum, #17 is 6 ft 1 inches and weighs 205 lbs. Case was raised in Brownwood, Texas and was recruited by the Houston, Texans before moving to the Rams. A quarterback is responsible for calling the play in huddle and is the leader of the offensive team. Running back #30, Todd Gurley at 6’1” and weighs 231 lbs and was raised in Baltimore. Gurley was the 10th overall in the NFL when drafted to the Rams. The running back receives handoffs from the quarterback for a rushing play, they catch passes from back field and they block. Tavon Austin, #11 wide receiver for the Rams at  5’ 8” and weighs 176 lbs. Tavon was also raised in Baltimore. Tavon was drafted to the Rams as a rookie, it was his first year in the league. The 2nd wide receiver #18, Kenny Britt is 6’ 3” and weighs 223 lbs he was raised in New jersey, and was recruited by the Titans and later the Rams.  A wide receiver is a significant player in passing plays. Wide receivers are usually the fastest on the team. Only players in the backfield or ends of the lines are eligible to catch a forward pass. #99 Aaron Donald defensive tackler at 6ft 1 inch and 285 lbs. Donald was raised in Pittsburgh and was drafted as a defensive rookie (

The Rams are definitely a defensive team because they have one of the best defensive lines (also known as the “line of scrimmage”) in the league and a strong piece of linebackers, which are football players who line up behind the line of scrimmage. Alec Ogletree is captain of the defense and has been a pro bowler in the past. Their two best defensive lineman are Aaron Donald and Robert Quinn; they are always finding ways to get to the quarterback and sack him. The Rams offense is not as developed as their defense but it is still favorable because of their running back Todd Gurley. Gurley is such a powerful runner and will tackle anyone in his path. The Rams’ weakness is their wide receivers because they need to get open more to catch the passes thrown by the quarterback. (

The Rams stadium is calculated to be the world’s most expensive stadium at 2.6 billion dollars. This stadium is estimated to seat 80,000 to 100,000 people for special events. The stadium is 3.1 million square feet which is the largest stadium ever to be built. The new stadium is set to be opened by 2019. And the Rams’ net worth is 2.9 billion dollars calculated in September of 2016. The price of tickets for the Rams game become very pricey, with the tickets and parking costing 100s of dollars (

Although the Ram’s got off to a rocky start, they started to get back on track. And in their 2nd game of the season they won 9-6 against the Seahawks. Hopefully their new 2.6 billion dollar stadium and their attention and popularity from LA is not a distraction. It’s glad to have them back in LA and better than ever. Good luck to the Rams and hopefully Los Angeles will have their first championship in over 2 decades!

To check out their game schedule and scores from the games. Visit


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The Return of the Mighty Rams