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Go Greek Review

Gabi B., Middle School Editor

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What Is Go Greek?

The pure, light, creamy, chilled greek frozen yogurt pleases your taste buds. Go greek is a new greek yogurt shop that has delicious and nutritious options. They focus on keeping your body healthy by selling low calorie frozen yogurt, coffees, parfait, kryo (yogurt that is self serving and has rich flavor but without the guilt) and fresko (yogurt that is low in fat and high in protein).

My Personal Review/ Experience

Although Go Greek is known to be a unique place, I went to this yogurt shop a few days ago and discovered that it was not as great as I was expecting. I thought that Go Greek would have an interesting variety of tasty flavors, but instead, only three flavors were open because the other three were “broken.” It was very frustrating as I felt let down. To add to the disappointment, two of the three flavors tasted exactly the same! The flavors that they had to offer was plain tart, honey, and wild berries. I couldn’t even tell the difference between tart and honey though because they both tasted like tart. What’s the point of calling a flavor honey, that’s supposed to be sweet, if it’s really tart? So, I basically went in there with an option of two yogurt flavors: tart or wild berry. Go Greek? More like Go Tart.

The Flavors

Although I only tasted three flavors, I thought that they were not that bad. They were actually somewhat yummy. The wild berries was for sure my favorite because it had a sweet, delightful and fresh taste to it. It would be great on a hot day because it is fruity and refreshing. Honey tasted extremely similar to tart but it had a bit more of a natural sugary taste to it. Lastly, tart tasted like any other tart flavor, but I liked it because this tart was thick, cold and milky.  

The Toppings

Go Greek provides plenty of delicious topping options. They provide fresh fruits, dried fruits, dry goods such as granola and organic gummies, chocolates, seeds, powders, gourmet greek toppings, honeys, syrups and sauces. For example, they have chia seeds, peanut butter sauce and plums. What’s so unique about this yogurt shop is that all of the toppings are healthy choices. It’s also very nice that all of the toppings at Go Greek are fresh and crisp. You get a lot of toppings to choose from depending on your ice cream flavor or your mood; slimy, chewy, crunchy, soft, tangy, spicy, sour, sweet, salty and flavorful! They also have countless toppings that you won’t find at a lot of other yogurt places because Go Greek only has healthy options.

Other Opinions

According to Vy T.,  “price wise, it’s definitely more expensive than your regular froyo but the quality is very good and you have to take into account the location. There are pre-made Greek yogurt combos you can order from or you can create your own. It’s set up similar to a yogurtland, where you fill your own bowls and add toppings.” Bells W. also thinks that “the froyo is extremely rich and thick and not overwhelmingly sweet–the plain tart has the best flavor but chocolate is extremely delicious as well.” Michelle N. thinks that Go Greek has great toppings and she appreciates how customers can get either a sweet or savory flavor there while most places don’t offer that option. TVT student Maya Abelowitz claims that “all the flavors are so sweet yet healthy. The toppings are incredibly fresh but there are not many flavors to choose from. However, each flavor is out of this world! It’s also nice how they have a seasonal special which is where they have a new flavor every month. This allows their customers to have a wide selection so they are not sick of the same thing. Go Greek is overall a great yogurt place!”

For more information about Go Greek, go to this link:


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