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Rhythmic Gymnastics…A Little-Known Sport

Tali R., Athletics Editor

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Most people don’t know a lot about rhythmic gymnastics. You’ve probably heard of soccer, basketball, and swimming from a young age, but when did you first hear about rhythmic gymnastics? My guess is you haven’t even heard of it. You might of heard about artistic gymnastic, which uses beam, uneven bars, and vault, but there is a different kind of gymnastics, one that favors grace and dance elements over strength and muscle. Rhythmic gymnastics is an elegant form of dancing with the use of different apparatuses (ball, hoop, ribbon, clubs, and rope) during routines. In these routines there are leaps, turns, balances (see picture above), and body waves. (To do a body wave you have to move your chest forward and then move your body to a back arch.)

Rhythmic gymnastics is an olympic sport. Here is an interesting video of the first place winner at the olympics, Margarita (Rita) Mamun. This competition happened in Holon, Israel earlier this year. Later during the Olympics Rita won first place in the Rhythmic gymnastics finals.

Imagine how hard this sport is. You have to work as hard as you can and it’s not a simple thing to do. Rita is on the highest level possible. Level 10, that’s difficult.  There are eight levels, from level three to level ten. What if you wanted to start practicing rhythmic gymnastics on level 3, or even not competing. That’s possible; you can start this sport on any of the first few levels. If you decide to join rhythmic gymnastics you would be placed on level three, or maybe a level or two higher depending on your flexibility. As the levels get higher, they also get harder, but that’s okay because you progress as you move up levels.

Persuading you to try out rhythmic gymnastics? If yes, then why not try these spots out? There are a few gyms close by. There is a gym in Anaheim called EuroGymnastics. Or, try Irene School of Rhythmic Gymnastics, which is located in Lake Forest/Foothill Ranch. Also, in San Diego there is Champion Rhythmics. All these places are extraordinary and all the coaches push you past your limits in an efficient and enjoyable way in order for you to become the best you can be. I guarantee these places won’t let you down.

If you ever want to try it out, don’t be afraid. Go to one of these websites and call the company. Rhythmic gymnastics is fun and if you start you will never be able to stop. That’s the beauty of this incredible sport. I assure you your time will not be wasted and that you will improve faster than you expected.

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Rhythmic Gymnastics…A Little-Known Sport