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Hannah Fischer

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lg-Screen_Shot_20160212_at_1-1.19.24_PMThis year both our boys and girls basketball teams worked very hard and achieved a lot over the course of this years basketball season. Our boys basketball team was coached by Jamie Stopnitzky . The boys  made it to the first rounds of CIFs but after a tough game they end
ed up loosing 47-49. This lead them to finishing the season 14-10.

Our Lady Lions were coached this season by Matt Tietz. The girls closed the season with a record of 9-9 after completing the first round of CIFs. The team went through changes after some players left the team at the end of last year. This season was based on building and bettering the team as a whole. The girls learned to work together and used the season to better their team work. When asked about the season Eliana S. said, ” We did well during the season, we went in and gave it  all we’ve got. I am extremely excited for next year and for the opportunities it will bring”.  The girls practiced very hard so that they could perform well against their opponents at games. Their practice consisted of a warm up which included lay-ups, suicides and passing drills. The team also made sure to go over plays before going into a game. When not at a game the girls enjoyed playing games to better their technique including participating in 4×4 scrimmages between themselves.

Both teams have done a great job representing TVT on the court as off the court through having a positive attitude and by being team players. Congratulations to our senior players, Chana Kaufman,Isaac Abecassis, Jeremy Neutel and Greg Stein and the rest of the teams on another great season.

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