Remembering Those We Have Lost in Grey’s Anatomy

Hannah F., Staff Writer

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We are gathered here today to remember those who we have lost throughout the seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. Grey’s Anatomy has taken us on a 12 season adventure full of laughs, tears, and jaw dropping moments, but let’s take a look at some of these great characters we loved and have lost.

George O’Malley: Also known as “007”, he stole our hearts from the very beginning with his shy and quirky demeanor. Unfortunately, he departed from us in Season 6 after pushing a women out of the way of an oncoming bus. He was brought in as a John Doe due to his body being incredibly disfigured from injuries after the accident. He was finally recognized after writing “007” on Meredith’s hand. He later flat-lined and was declared brain dead. His organs were donated and he was later buried. George left behind his best friends Izzie Stevens, Meredith Grey, Alex Karev, and his finance Callie Torres along with the rest of his friends and family. We will always remember him!

Denny Duquette: Denny is one of our most beloved and remembered hospital patients. He was brought into the hospital due to heart failure and slowly died over time. Over his time in the hospital, he began to have feelings for one of his nurses, Izzy Stevens. This was a start to a strong but short-lived romance. Denny became very sick; he was finally given the news he had

been waiting to hear. There was a donor who had a heart for him. Sadly, when Dr. Burke went to retrieve the heart, the donor flat-lined, making the heart useless. Izzie later cut Denny’s LVAD so that he would quickly become worse so that he could reach the top of the transplant list. Denny got a new heart and seemed to be getting better. Later, he proposed to Izzie Stevens. Unfortunately, one night he got a blood clot in his brain and died. Denny left behind his fiancé Izzie Stevens. He will be missed!

Lexie Grey: We loved and adored Lexie. She was the sister of Meredith Grey and the girlfriend of Mark Sloan. Lexie was on her way to a hospital in Boise, Idaho to separate a pair of conjoined twins. While on the plane, it crashed in the wilderness. After the plane went down, Lexie wass trapped under a pile of debris. Mark and doctor Christina Yang realized she wasn’t likely to survive. While Christina tries to find Meredith so her sister could say, “goodbye”, Mark stayed with Lexie and finally confessed his love for her. He stayed with her and tried to ease her pain until she passed away. She was a sister, a girlfriend, and a good friend. Lexie will be remembered.

Mark Sloan: Mark was a cocky plastic surgeon who was referred to, especially by the female interns/doctors, as “McSteamy”. He sadly passed in the 9th season from injuries sustained from a plane crash. We later found out that Mark had a rush of good health where he was able to clean up some things from his past. He later is put on life support and stated in his will that if he dis not look like he would improve within 30 days, to take him off life support. With his best friend Derek and Callie by his side, they turned off his life-support machines. He died shortly after. In some ways, this gave us better insight because now Mark and Lexie could be together for all eternity. In his and Lexie’s honor, Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital’s name wass changed to Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. Mark was a best friend, a boyfriend, a father, and loved by many. He too will be missed!

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