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Yoga Tips for First Timers

Matana Z.

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Before you start Yoga, theirs a couple things you need to know. These tips will help you get through your first class and possibly prepare you for what your in for.

First Tip: Be prepared for the nasty foot stench you’re about to smell. Before the class starts, everyone takes off their shoes. As people walk in and sit down, the smell will hit you. You’ll look around the class and see how gross and unclean some people’s feet are. What you do is wear shoes with socks. Walk into the class with socks and when you get on your safe zone -your own mat- then take off your socks. Just remember, before you get off your mat to put your socks on or you’re in for a ride.

Second Tip: Set up your mat in the front and or under a fan. Normally the people in the front are the people that are more expirened. Even though it’s your first time, it’s better than standing next to people who struggle the whole time. The idea of yoga is for you to focus on relaxing and how to breathe. You can’t do that if you’re distracted by people who don’t know what they’re doing. If you set up in front, the people around you will explain more at the beginning and you learn more than you would have. It’s also easier to see the teacher which you’ll need since you have no idea what you’re doing. Make sure to be under a fan because halfway through the class, they’ll most likely turn the fan on and you’ll need some cooling down.

Third Tip: Bring your own everything. Before you start classes, call up the place you’re going to and ask them what you will need. They will say two blocks, a mat, blanket and towel. They’ll tell you that you should buy everything from them but be cheap and go to Marshall’s or Target. That way you’ll save money. The reason you should bring your own mat and blocks even if they say they have their own is beacause you have no idea when the last time they washed everything. The blocks and mats are extremly hard to wash. You will notice how much you sweat and how much other people sweat and the idea of using something that someone practically sweat out their whole body weight is not appealing.

Fourth Tip: Relieve yourself before you go into the class. You are going to do strange moves you never thought your body could do. In most of my classes, theres at least 3 people who tend to fart throughout the whole class. All of a sudden you’ll be super relaxed and in downward dog then you’ll hear something letting it go. By letting it go I mean sticking up the whole entire room… It’s not fun.

Fifth Tip: Don’t bring a lot of noisy things to your class, especially if you know you’re running late. Just imagine everyone in a calm pose then you walk in dangling your keys, turning your phone on silent and unrolling your mat. It’s very distracting and annoying to the people around you. Depending on the place and how booked they are, most people will start setting up for class 10 minutes early to get the best spot. Show up early, ready to go and you’ll be fine.

Yoga is a great way to learn how to not stress, relax and learn how to breathe in difficult situations. I personally started yoga because I get panic attacks practically daily and if you know me, I stress about everything. After the class, I come out refreshed and ready to take on whatever I can because I have the ability to calm myself. I suggest anyone who is taking on too many jobs or classes to try it out at least twice. During the first session you wont get a lot out of it. You’ll be confused and frustrated the whole time. Once you get to your second session, you’ll realize just how relaxing yoga really can be.

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Yoga Tips for First Timers